The Banawor Trail Amphitheatre Trek

Named for the ancient bird from which Banaue is derived, this trail is a 3 hours hike through the hills and dyke of the rice terraces with great views of the terrain.

Pick up from your lodge/hotel, drive approximately 15 minutes by jeepney to the “Teger”, Banaue main viewpoint. Spend a moment taking in the spectacular view from here down the valley, the terraced fields and the town. The trail begins by the view deck, descending 30 minutes to reach and cross the Alimit River on a foot bridge. Begin ascent up a concrete stairway to level out on a path skirting the rice terraces. 30 minutes further, descend to a small brook, passing to a small settlement. Climb 20 minutes to enter a stand of forest, following an irrigation canal through it for another 30 minutes. Emerge at ITTIDONG, a cluster of village home on the rice paddies. The trail continues level between the terraces for another 20 minutes and descends to reach the BOCOS village. After a rest, continue descent through the terraces for about 5 minutes to reach the road head. Walk along the road for about 200 meters then take a short cut across the hanging bridge and you’re back in Banaue Town!!

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