BANGAAN (4 hours)….Take a jeepney ride over to the roadhead for an hour. The village lies an easy 30 minutes below the road and is a great place to explore, it being a showcase for the Ifugao culture. There’s an opportunity to have yourself photographed in Ifugao costume against a traditional background. Return drive to Banaue.

HAPAO (5 hours) …. A full-day’s program includes a walk to the hot springs and views of the mountainscape. Take a jeepney ride for an hour then walk through the stone-walled rice terraces, past small settlements for about 1 ½ hours to reach the healing hot springs of BOGIA, by the river, flowing between the terraced walls of the valley. The water of the main spring is so hot, it is said that one may boil an egg in it. The other pools are better for swimming as the water has been cooled by channeling the river water into them!! There’s a great view of the summit of Mount NAPULAWAN, famed as the site of the surrender of the Japanese General Yamashita in WWII. Picnic by the pools, making your choice of which pool temperature is best suited for you to take a dip in! Take a more direct trail back to the roadhead in 30 minutes.

TAMAN-POITAN VILLAGE WALK (4 hours)…… Take a walk from your lodge to the Banaue Hotel, alongside which a flight of steps leads down to TAM-AN, a village with some traditional homes. Walk through rice terraces, crossing the river on a footbridge, then continue to follow an irrigation canal along the mountain into POITAN, a village famed for its pre-historic stone pillars from an ancient animistic past.

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